getting started

I think I’ll make first a theme with this entry. My first bike, my first sweater, my first blog entry.

I first learned to knit when I was 6. This was after a serious yarn fetish that I recall as early as my fourth or fifth birthday. I mostly made braids in those days or finger knitted useless ropes in bright colors. I mostly crocheted through elementary school (when I dropped my needles or my sister yanked on my yarn, I only lost one, or two stitches and it was easy enough to pick them up. I just couldn’t bear the thought of having all my stitches exposed at once on knitting needles). I picked up knitting again in high school when I found some crazy awesome yarn (lost ball band) my mom had used to make my 7-year-old self half a sweater. Many people remember me knitting in high school but I never finished even the back of that 20 inch wide sweater (it would have been gigantic!) In college, there was a serious knitting revival in my dorm, I decided to make a cable knit scarf, got bored, turned it into a purse instead, and planted the seed for my first sweater. The yarn, pattern, and needles were a graduation gift which compelled me to actually start and finish the sweater.


pattern: from the Jaeger Trinity pamphlet

yarn: Koigu Painter’s Palette Premium Merino Color P118 (9 50g skeins and I have very little left)

needles: Addi Turbo 24″ circulars in size 3 and 6.

I was very naive when I started the sweater, it took me a year of knitting here and there and ripping out mismatched sleeves to finish it but I love it to death. I’m scared to wear the sweater too often because I don’t want it to wear out. I had some gauge issues…I made a gauge swatch, decided my gauge was off since I was substituting yarn and sized up so I wouldn’t have to redo math or buy new needles. It was a good thought but my cardigan doesn’t meet in the middle without puckering. it works if I don’t button it or if I only close one or two buttons. Live and learn, live and learn. I also just realized that since I was purling wrong the entire year I made it, my stitches look funny, every other row isn’t twisted. It bothers me now that I can make even stitches but I totally thought it was fine forever.

This is getting long, but here is a picture of my first cyclocross bike when I took it from Rochester to Buffalo, NY on the Erie canal. Below that is a picture of my first racing bike which I haven’t actually had the pleasure to race yet. I will race soon, when the snow melts.


Racing Bike:Giant TCR C3


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