RIT indoor triathlon

The RIT tri is probably the most motivational race I can do in late winter/early spring. It’s so easy to convince myself I can swim, bike, and run for 15 minutes each. After my pathetic attempt at swimming last year (25 laps), I decided to actually learn how to swim this year and started going to the pool with Jess in January. Somewhere in there, I stopped being scared of the water and actually started enjoying it! However at 27 laps this year I really haven’t gotten faster, just happier.


The bike went well (it claimed I was averaging about 19 mph) even though I had the maladjusted stationary bike and my seat kept re-tilting itself when I changed position – the bikes must have been set up different than last year because I rode much less yet did better.


Then, the run. Although I remembered having sore legs after the swim and bike last year, I still ran pretty fast for me. But then again, while I never bothered to train in the pool last year, I did a lot of indoor track workouts. Not so much this year. In fact, I think that since I ran the Philly Marathon in November, I have barely managed to run even once a week. But, even in my slackerness, I ran almost 2 miles. 2 miles in 15 minutes is a lot for me, 7:30min/mile. If I could run 3 miles in 15 + 7:30 = 22:30 I’d be estatic.



Up next is the local giro de primavera.


3 responses to “RIT indoor triathlon

  1. Good job! I’m training for my first triathlon right now, but I didn’t even think of doing an indoor triathlon. Thanks!

    You might like the Triathlon Forums.

  2. Awesome pictures. Great job at the tri, you rock my socks!

  3. Nice Job!

    Mini sprint/indoor tris are always so much fun. The winter slump can be tough to shake off. Keep at the swimming, you’ll catch on quick! Being comfortable in the water for long periods of time is the biggest part.. speed comes later.

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