Branching Out

I did it! My first lace! I followed the branching out pattern from knitty.


Pattern: Branching Out by Susan

Yarn: Lion Brand Wool Ease worsted weight in wheat

Needles: 8″ bamboo dpn’s size 10 (I used them as straights)

Finished Dimensions: 6.25 inches wide, 68 inches long after blocking


As it turns out, Wool Ease was not the best choice of yarn for this project but I have a lot of it and I like using it for gifts because it survives the washing machine. I can’t see as much of the lace detail as sample pictures in the pattern – my yarn overs seem to be getting lost and not stretching out properly. As this was my first lace, I don’t know if the yarn overs are getting lost because 1) it’s worsted weight, 2) I needed even larger needles, or 3)wool ease has a lot of acrylic and just doesn’t stretch much in blocking. The detail I see seems to be mostly from the lines of decreases:

It’s still pretty and I know a couple people who would like it as a gift. I’m working on another lace project with actual laceweight (Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud). I should have extra when I finish so maybe I’ll try another branching out and see if the pattern shows up better. Maybe it’s just me and I need to make a looser yarn over 😉 And because I couldn’t find a picture showing the reverse of branching out before I made it:


One response to “Branching Out

  1. Looks great to me!

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