Kool-Aid makes Fruit Loops

I jumped on the Kool-Aid bandwagon and dyed some yarn a while back. I did mine in pint glasses in the microwave (no pictures because it was dark and I didn’t have my digital camera) because I didn’t have 3 pots for the stovetop and I wanted instant gratification. This is all that’s left of what I usefully labeled “~enough for 2 hats” in my knitting journal.

I’m calling the colorway Fruit Loops because these colors look like they belong in a bowl of milk.

I’m guessing it’s a few yards – I cut it pretty close. I wound a 420″ or 35 foot skein (thanks to my soon to be father-in-law who made me a warping board). I used 2 packets orange, 2 packets tropical punch, and 2 packets ice-blue lemonade mixed with 1/2 packet lemon lime. Then I made a hat for my friend Jess – she likes bright colors.
fruit loop hatfruit loop hat

I had some yarn leftover and wanted a quick project to delay starting my real print o the waves shawl – even with my swatch, I’m scared of being frustrated and annoyed with the real thing. I made some mittens to match:
fruit loop mittenfruit loop mittens

yarn: Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool (a little bit itchy but Jess says she doesn’t mind)
needles: size 6 for the mitten ribbing, size 8 otherwise
pattern: generic hat and mittens

Since I had the mittens with almost perfectly matching stripes, when I started to worry about running out of yarn, I just dug into my ball to check if the next stripe color was in there. It worked out perfectly but I’m sure I couldn’t calculate yarn for matching hat and mittens this perfectly if I tried (even with a scale). I’m happy I don’t have to figure out what to do with leftovers šŸ™‚


3 responses to “Kool-Aid makes Fruit Loops

  1. Great job — love the colors!


  2. Soooo pretty!! I’m the luckiest girl in the world!

  3. Great colours! Love them!

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