Small Totebag

With the holidays and finishing up a fellowship application, not much time for knitting and even less time to write about it. As far as the application, it’s basically just a way to get paid (and to torture myself preparing it). I already get paid, so it would be a different source of money and cover travel to conferences. It is the third time I’ve submitted the application! Too many other people are applying and the reviewers just don’t like my project enough. My project isn’t going to change drastically so we tweak it here and there to try and make them happy. I’ll find out in a couple months if they liked my third and last submission.

But I couldn’t go more than a day or so without knitting. Can’t sit still. I try to read news on the internet and knit but then I have to stop knitting to click onto the next page. The best is reading other people’s knitting blogs while knitting 😉 Sometimes that makes me a bit schizophrenic and try to start too many new projects. I have a 3 project at a time rule: one easy, one hard, and one ‘wildcard’.

Last week was all easy knitting. I made a bag from chunky yarn on big needles.
I made the base in garter stitch, then picked up stitches along the edges to knit the stockinette bag in the round with a seed stitch top. It was super-easy and just right for snatched moments here and there.

Here it is with handles. I did sew them on eventually but it’s dark and I don’t have a picture.

Speaking of handles. I cast on 4 stitches and garter stitched it until done. They twist up sort of like a strand of say DNA when left loose but look fine stretched out. I’ve never noticed this in any other garter stitch object. Anyone know why? I didn’t slip edge stitches or anything. My best guess is that somehow the act of knitting twists the stitches in a single direction so the strap forms a spiral. Just guessing, I would have thought that working back and forth would reverse any twisting and make a flat fabric. Please tell me why it twists!


yarn: Lion Brand Landscapes Country Sunset, all but ends of 2 50 gram balls

needles: Addi Turbo 16″ size 10.75 (7.0mm)
gauge: 7stitches 9 rows per 2″

my new ‘easy project’ is a 2 color hat with my own chart and for ‘hard’ i cast on my print o the waves shawl but have only knit a single repeat


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