bicycle hat

My fiance, Mr T., loves bikes. He rides them almost as much as he fiddles, adjusts, and repairs them. There is something special about riding around a beautiful lake or through wine country that makes a day feel worthwhile.

Since he won’t be getting the titanium frame he wants in the near future, I did what I could:
It’s even reversible!

yarn: Knit Picks Telemark 100% peruvian wool. I used about 75 grams of each color (grey wolf and bayberry)

needles: addi turbo 16″ size 5 (3.75mm) and dpn’s to finish

gauge (in doubleknit): 5 stitches/8rows per inch

pattern: my own. Basically I charted a bicycle and since intarsia seemed out of the question in the round, I decided doubleknit was the only solution. It worked out pretty well although by the time I finished the hat (Feb 07), it wasn’t really cold enough to wear it much. If I make a doubleknit hat again, I might try fingering weight wool. Fingering weight would also solve the problem of the bike taking up nearly a 1/3 of the hat circumference.

finished dimensions: 22 inches in circumference, 8.5 inches tall. I like everything except how I added stitches for the double knit and how I did the crown decreases. I normally try and avoid puckers at the crown but the doubleknit was frustrating. Since it looks okay on Mr T and he claims to like it, I decided not to frog the top and fix it. I was especially opposed to frogging after I wove in all the ends.

Picking up stitches for doubleknit: I couldn’t doubleknit ribbing….so I did it in a single color. Then I needed to double the number of stitches to get the two layers. I knit into the loop between each stitch with the second color which worked but loosened that row of stitches and made puckering. If I did it again (and remember) I think that I will backwards loop cast on a stitch after each stitch to get the double number. Then on the next round, I’d knit into the newly cast-on stitches with the new color.

I have the chart as a word document but can’t figure out how to upload it right now. Leave a comment if you’d like me to fight technology and post the bike chart 🙂

bike chart

Click on the link above to open an Adobe pdf file containing the bike chart. This chart is free – please be nice 🙂


2 responses to “bicycle hat

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  2. I love this hat! Do you have a more developed pattern written out that you would share? I have never done DK but I would love to try it! Did you need more than 1-50g ball of each color??

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