Biking the Bristol Hills

It’s raining again which is okay because the rain is washing the snow off my car and I don’t have to go outside. Yesterday was the only completely dry day in recent memory and it hit the big 4-0 (Farenheit). Deciding it was the only sane day to bike, I bundled up and headed south to the ‘mountains’. I was so warm going up the hills and so cold going down the hills that after a long, freezing downhill, I almost welcomed the next slog uphill. The route was part of the Bristol Highlander course and the entire Bloomfield loop. Bloomfield is the local race next weekend. I ended up chickening out; I’m just not strong enough to ride 60 miles with long climbs. I did the route until mile 30 and then went south to get back to the start. I took lots of pictures intending to show the beautiful scenery but most of them came out blurry – I blame it on the cold which forced me to wear large, bulky gloves. Check out the leftover snow behind Mr. T. We saw a bunch of people driving away from the ski slopes with skiis on the roofrack. At first, we wondered if they had driven down to ski and been disappointed by the lack of running chairlifts. Then we realized they were probably just picking up skiis from season lockers.


Here’s a couple of the bikes:


ride: about 33 miles with some serious elevation changes. I’m still early in my training so I’m hoping this jumpstarts my climbing legs. There was head and cross winds so even with me drafting the boys, going was slow (about 3 hours total including stops to regroup and snack).


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