calorimetry for spring

I just walked home from latin dancing organized by the grad student society at a local studio. It was so much fun to relearn the basic steps and I didn’t even need to find my jacket when I left because spring is here! Hopefully to stay. 5 days ago, on Monday, I was wearing full winter gear with hat and mittens and it was snowing rain. Today, short sleeves and no coat. It was mid to upper 60’s in the afternoon and it’s supposed to hit 70 on Sunday. Yay! I’m doing a bike race Sunday in Bloomfield. Funny thing is, my weekly race/ride last Tuesday was cancelled for bad weather.

Besides enjoying the weather, I went on a small photography rampage in the exquisite daylight available after work one day. I took pictures of projects finished long ago and swatches a plenty. I’ve been working a little on print o the waves but I keep wanting easy projects. After my photo rampage, I found this ball of yarn:
ocean striped hat
leftover from this hat,
ocean striped hat
that’s been waiting for a worthy and small project. Something clicked and I realized I could make a smallish calorimetry just in time for spring (I’m washing and packing away all my hats). Since I was substituting Handpainted Arty Yarns, I made a small gauge swatch (6stitches/in in stockinette) and calculated I’d need 135 stitches for my 22″ head. I figured it would stretch a bit in the 2×2 ribbing so I made the main part of the headband 130 stitches. I added 30 stitch tails on the ends to use as ties. And I pretty much improvised the short rows until it seemed like a good size and I was running low on yarn.


Pretty! I wore it to school today which was somewhat gratuitous since I really didn’t need help keeping my head warm. I love the colors and wanted to show it off; everyone I work with is well-trained to ask if I made some new handknit which makes me happy. It is also nice when I’m leaning over some experiment and don’t have stray hairs trying to fall into my solutions or gels. If I make it again, I’ll try an i-cord cast-on and bind-off.

yarn: ArtYarns Handpainted Merino (color 139)

needles: 16″ Addi turbo 5mm/#8 (hat), 16″ Addi Turbo 4mm (calorimetry). I like how the stitches show up with the smaller needles but when I made the hat last winter, I had a smaller needle selection. Thankfully, I have since indulged in a vast array of Addi needles.

pattern: hat was my own. calorimetry is from the Winter 2006 Knitty issue with some modifications described above.


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