which colors?

It was a beautiful day, rumor is that the mercury reached 80 deg F but I don’t believe it. I think it was 75 and sunny all day long. It was, in fact, so sunny that I sunburned my winter white northern european pale skin on my face and neck. I am already failing at my mission to avoid embarrassing tan lines while wearing a strapless dress in July. I can run at night, swim inside, but biking? I’ll have to keep myself covered head to toe to avoid tan lines which seems excessive and will certainly amuse those I ride with. (I wasn’t biking today, I skipped it to knit outside and play with a large, overly excited golden retriever. I will be biking tomorrow – it might be hot).

After making the bicycle hat for Mr T, I am excited about colors and stranding (has to be better than doubleknit) and I happen to have 6 different colors of the same yarn (Knit Picks Merino Style) with which to make myself a hat. Here are the 5 colors [petal, hollyberry, moss, dusk, cinnamon from top left to bottom right] with ‘bare’ being camera shy.

They claim it’s 5.5 stitches per inch but after a recent embarrassing debacle that resulted in an infant hat instead of a me hat, I’m not believing anything but a swatch. maybe several swatches. I tried swatching with a 2-color checkerboard pattern and got a believable 14 stiches/2inch or 7 stitch/in. I then cast on 144 stitches for my 21″ head and ended up with ribbing that could have been the beginning of a sweater and would have fit several heads. I frogged it all out before anyone could document my stupidity (too small last week, let’s compensate with too big this week).

I want to make a 2-color hat but I haven’t completely decided which two. I’m leaning towards petal and hollyberry:

because they seem to have the most contrast. Some of the less feminine (more versatile) combinations are also pretty.
moss and cinnamon: IMG_3298
bare and cinnamon: IMG_3301
dusk and moss: IMG_3300

I’m just starting to think about color seriously but it seems that something about combining dusk and moss (blue and green) just isn’t quite right. The blue seems a bit more intense and saturated than the green. The moss and cinnamon are okay but don’t scream at me. I do like the petal and hollyberry a lot – although I normally avoid pink – they seem to go together really well. Bare and cinnamon also looks really nice but I still think white is a color to avoid in oft-worn accessories.

Where do I learn more about color?


2 responses to “which colors?

  1. Check out Knitting on Impulse, Ruth has great stuff on colour. http://impulsiveknitting.blogspot.com/

  2. You can learn more about color by looking for a color wheel. Red, blue and yellow are primary colors, which means that no other color can make these colors, but every other color comes from combinations of these colors with each other and white and black.

    Blue is considered a “cool” color and red and yellow are considered “warm” colors. Usually colors that have elements of the same primary color will “go” with each other, but sometimes that is not true like with say, purple and yellow. Purple is a cool color and yellow is warm, but they look nice together. You have to play with it to see what you like.

    So when picking yarn, it really depends on the look you want. Do you want contrasting colors, or colors that are variants of the same color, like pink and cranberry? Both have red in them. Blue and green both have blue in them. Try to find a color wheel online. Or the best the WordPress theme called “Garland”, which is my theme. The header has customizable colors. You can play around with the color wheel there and get an idea how colors work together and what effect they have on each other.

    Hope this helps.

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