socks and patterning

My first socks were an adventure with magic loop and self-patterning yarn:
first socks
the beginners pattern I got from my LYS didn’t have many sizing options (I think the choices were ‘womans’ or ‘mans’) and so I got started with 8″ dpns which I hated and then magic loop (which gave me horrible laddering). They are a bit loose around the ankle but quite comfortable around the house.

My second pair of socks was for Mr. T and I don’t have a picture handy but they are forest green and I used Lucy Neatby’s Simply Splendid sock pattern. Ironically, the ankle is tighter on his socks than on mine (and I had more stitches on his) which I suppose is a sign that my sock making skills were improving.

I haven’t made socks in 6 months or so because hats were easier to give away for Christmas. However, since I’m supposed to be working on my print o the waves, I’m suddenly motivated to plan and start other projects. (I do have my stole cast on and 4 repeats done.)

I have a few balls of sock yarn already rolled up and split into equal balls of ~50 grams each (I used a precision balance I wish I owned). I think I’m going to use this one for mitten-gloves or hobo-gloves so I can have dexterity and warm hands next winter. It will match my calorimetry and ocean striped hat I think.

For real socks, I have a cool, bright self-patterning yarn:
I want to make Grumperina’s Jaywalkers

But I’m not sure if this yarn will look okay with the zig-zag pattern. I know that striped Jaywalker’s look great, but patterned?


One response to “socks and patterning

  1. If the pattern is defined enough it will look great. I have done pretty simple patterns into my selfstriping socks but I found that just plain, boring stockinette shows off the colours and patterning the best. Not that that stops me from futzing 🙂 Beautiful yarns and the hats/calorimetry that you made first look pretty too.

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