Twisted vs Untwisted

I think I’ve been twisting all my stitches. The comments on the last post prompted me to do some internet research and I found out a bit more about twisted stitches. I naively thought that since all my stitches looked identical (see the bottom of the first picture) they were ‘correct’.

Then I tried ‘untwisted’ which actually looks quite nice (phoenix was right, I’m a combination knitter). I like that when stretched, all the stitches loop together between rows and look identical. My twisted stitches are shaped like a ‘v’ or ‘y’ but have a single line attaching stitches together.

Here’s a bigger picture of ‘untwisted’ stitches (can you find the one stitch I twisted by mistake?).

Then I had some extra yarn from my calorimetry and ocean stripes hat which I used to practice ‘untwisted’ along with an i-cord cast-on, edging, and cast-off.


I found the i-cord edging in Annie Modesitt’s pattern for Alison’s scarf (look for the free pattern in the sidebar). I’m almost sad I didn’t figure out how to do i-cord edging myself; when I read through the pattern, it seemed so simple and obvious. I’ve been doing long-tail cast-on for all projects and was super-excited when I learned how to cast on the loops for purl. However, the i-cord definitely looks more professional and finished – I might try it on my next scarf.


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