Moving (part I)

The internet is back! I moved my desk and computer along with everything else last Saturday but couldn’t get RoadRunner hooked up until today. I think my unpacking progress is diminishing rapidly now that I can surf the web. I convinced myself that I was doing chores since I had to change my address but then I started catching up on blogs…

Our house is old and at one time was converted into 2 apartments and then converted back. The conversion explains why we have 2 full baths (yay!) and is responsible for the one moving casulty. I present ‘the boxspring’:


yup. the boxspring (queen) wouldn’t make it up the stairs so it’s outside thinking about what it’s done. I’m inside researching split boxsprings and beds that don’t require boxsprings.

I know where all my knitting needles and yarn are but it seems more important to weed, vacuum, and unpack. I am currently fighting with a stranded 2-color hat because I’ve run out of my main color and didn’t have a backup plan for finishing.

I have to apologize – there will not be much knitting here for a while but I am going to show lots of pictures of the whole moving and nesting process. It’s very exciting to arrange furniture and find little decorations for all my cute built-in shelves; I might even be enjoying yardwork.


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