welcome home

Mr. T had a conference in Silicon Valley. He gave a couple talks and was gone for a long time. The day he left, I dropped him and a couple other people at the airport and went to my parents house where I ran 9.5 miles with my sister and then had brunch with my family. Brunch was awesome, especially after a long run. I had a couple helpings of salmon and far too many canoli’s and other delicious things. It was a late mother’s day celebration since my brother and sister weren’t home from school on mother’s day. Yum Yum.

When I eventually made it home, my first stop was the internet (duh!)

where I found the cutest note ever from Mr. T (who, btw packed in the 20 or 30 minutes before we left the house – no idea how he had time to leave notes without me noticing). Then into the ladies’ room
Eventually I made it into the bedroom where I found a couple more notes
it was super cute. I missed him a lot so I left the notes up the entire 6 days he was gone. For his return, I went to Wegmans for some welcome home treats.
not in the picture are the first 2 discs of season one of 24. We watched season 6 religiously until it finished last week and actually had no idea there were so many previous episodes (we both thought it was maybe season 2 that just finished).

We are moved out of the old apartment except I have to be there for the utility meter reading tomorrow morning and grab the last few things (including a bunch of bottles to return). Then again, there is usually someone walking the streets asking for bottles – maybe I can give them away!
We lived in the left for 3 years. It was nice to have an attic and basement until we started moving! We still have an attic and basement and plenty of junk to fill them.


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