I”ve been seeing dishclothes everywhere! On all the blogs. Mostly the Mason-Dixon style washrags which I guess are properly known as ‘ballband dishclothes’. I wanted to make my own so I tried dyeing cotton with coffee which made my ecru yarn into light tan and was not convincingly colorfast. In the end I wandered to the craft store to pick up these


which were right next to these:


which I had to take home with me. Then I found a calligraphy pen and ink to address my wedding invitations which hopefully arrive Friday so I can address them over the weekend and pretend that people will get them 6 weeks before the wedding.

Then I made the dishcloth with the free pattern I found here where it’s called ‘textured slip stitch’.


The back isn’t anything special but before I found a pattern for this, I wanted to know what the back looked like to see if I could figure it out on my own.


One response to “cotton

  1. When do we get to see pics of Keuka Triathlon awesomeness??? Nothing is more hardcore than a knitter who can race triathlons!

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