bicycle hat, part 2

I’ve had a couple comments requesting the bike chart I used for Mr. T’s bicycle hat so I figured out how to format it as a pdf and upload it to the blog.

Enjoy using the chart for bicycle hats or anything else. For a hat, I’d recommend sport or fingering weight yarn. Definitely check gauge because the double knitting ended up much looser than I’d expected.

bike chart

Click on the link above to open an Adobe pdf file containing the bike chart. This chart is free – please be nice 🙂

p.s. Mr. T got the iPhone today. We went to the AT&T store which was a huge mistake. There were only 25-30 people in front of us when we got there at 5:30 and a friend mentioned there were over 100 people at the Apple store so we stayed at AT&T. We waited….and waited…and waited. Our friend called back around 6:30 to brag about his new iPhone – he’d had dinner, gone back to the Apple store which miraculously had no line, and picked up his new phone. We continued to wait because how long could the 10 people in front of us really take……We didn’t get the phone until 7:30. After many hours of waiting, AT&T got half his number away from Verizon so he can turn on and play with the phone now but cannot receive calls. It seems very very cool and I can’t wait to order another for me and get that activated. The map feature is going to encourage spontaneous route changing and help us find restaurants and bike shops on our tandem bicycle honeymoon in just 2 weeks!


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