Grassy snow brioche – another scarf

I enjoyed making Mr. T’s brioche scarf so much that I decided to make another – this time with 2 colors. I’d remembered seeing a red and black striped brioche scarf on the internet somewhere so I sat down with some scrap yarn and promptly started cursing (do you see that weird looking stripe about a 1/3 of the way from the bottom? I was being stubborn and insisting on figuring the pattern out myself instead of simply looking on the internet.

I remembered the tubular cast-on without looking it up but I had a hard time figuring out how to alternate colors on the brioche columns (are they ribs?). Fortunately I was using double pointed needles because it involved acrobatics such as knitting then purling the same side before turning the work. Finally I figured out a rule:

1) switch colors every row (to figure out which color is next if I walk away, whichever column/rib has a knit stitch is the color I used last)

2) slide the knitting to whichever side has the proper color working yarn (why double points or short circulars are excellent needle choices)

3) when necessary (on half the rows) purl the columns so they stay the right color and right stitch

I got going on the ‘real’ yarn which is Knitpicks Andean Silk I picked up a little while ago during their sale.

Then I realized that I wanted the white stripes to start at the beginning, I needed smaller needles to get a tighter gauge, and I wanted to make a wider scarf. So I started over

I might finally be happy with it – sadly this probably won’t be 24 knitting because I have to pay attention. The yarnover loops don’t always seem lined up right so I have to perform needle acrobatics to make sure the different color yarnover ends up behind the knit column.

This scarf is destined as a Christmas present – maybe I won’t be stressed out in December this year 😉


One response to “Grassy snow brioche – another scarf

  1. 24 knitting – too funny that you mention that! I’ve become totally addicted to 24 (getting them all from netflix) but now that I’m done with a mindless bag for felting, I need a new project that I can knit without thinking so I can rent the next season!
    This scarf will be beautiful. Thanks for your suggestions about photos on my blog, by the way! Your photos are very clear! Helpful for those of us who don’t know this technique!

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