I am *almost* finished with the honeymoon bicycle tour socks. I will never wear them on my honeymoon (it is finished) and I would never wear them on a bicycle tour (synthetics rule!) but I started them as a small, pretty mindless project for my honeymoon that I could carry on the bike.

I just realized that the stash yarn I chose was one I’d bought at Adirondack Yarns with Mr. T during my first trip to the Adirondacks. I’ve been back a few times since, even gone to the yarn store but I didn’t buy anything. Until two days before our wedding. We were having a quiet cup of coffee in the coffeeshop adjoining the yarn store when I was making the gauge swatch for my socks. I realized that the sturdy 2.75mm knitpicks sock needles I’d brought were not giving me an appropriate sock gauge with this yarn….Hmmm. I need needles to make something with stash yarn and I can buy things on vacation, right?…At least I was in a knitting shop and not in some isolated bed and breakfast in the middle of nowhere at the top of the steepest, most evilest hill ever. Lucky for me, they had some lovely 6″ bamboo dpns in size 0 (2mm) which figured had to be the right size if it was the smallest they made 😉

I’m glad I didn’t poke myself in the eye or snap a few on the trip. Every day when I finished knitting, I carefully wound the needles inside the sock which I protected inside the folded pattern to go in my purse. Then I’d carefully zip the purse without getting yarn stuck in the zipper (at least most days I wouldn’t get yarn stuck in the zipper) and shove my purse into the top of the side bag. Somehow two sets of bike clothes and two sets of regular clothes didn’t take up that much room but all the energy drink powder and bars and med kit and shampoo and hairbrush and asthma medicine filled my bag pretty well. So the purse (with the knitting) got shoved into the top of the bag but the needles never broke.  And one sock is finished (after some substantial reknitting) and the other will be finished when I get a chance to reknit the pathetically small heel. I think I was trying to make my socks ‘good’ by making them tight so I yanked on the yarn at every opportunity – big surprise they didn’t fit over my heel. I have to say though that I like having the ribbing tight enough to stay on my leg. Anyway, pictures soon when they’re both done.


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