all finished – honeymoon socks part iii

I just found the podcast ‘stash and burn‘ and I’ve listened to the first 10 or so episodes. Listening to Nicole and Jenny is definitely motivating me to work on my own stash – especially the part I bought in the last 2 months. The yarn for these socks has been around for a year and a half and wound in balls for over a year so I’m glad I finally got it into a project!

The honeymoon socks are all finished! It was about 2 weeks including the substantial cuff and heel reknits; I was pretty lucky in that I only made 3 cuffs and 3 heels for 2 socks. I started both socks at the orange stripe so they match 🙂 I didn’t think it would be as easy as starting with the same color but the Lana Grossa stripes are very consistent. I used the afterthought Turkish Heel described in Lucy Neatby’s Warm Socks Cool Feet. To make the heels match, I made sure to set in the waste yarn for the heel in the middle of a maroon stripe (it was the right length for my foot) and then I used maroon yarn to start the heel later. I think using the same, solid color helps disguise the afterthought part of the heel and it made it tons easier to weave in ends and close up the gap in the corners of the heel.


This is my third pair of socks and the first that fits snugly. It is also the first time I finished both socks as fast as possible – I previously went 6 months or so working on first sock and a week or two working on the second. I still can’t believe I finished these in the heat of summer – I blame the stripes for always convincing me to knit a little more.

I finished these Thursday evening and it was dark so as soon as I woke up Friday morning, I went outside to take these shots. It was already 75 degrees or so when I tugged the socks on 😉 I would have loved to wear them all day but that will have to wait until fall when the leaves match the socks.


yarn: Lana Grossa Meilenweit Fantasy color 4730
needles: size 0 (2mm) bamboo dpns, 6″
gauge: 8 stitches, 12 rows per inch. my foot measures 8.5 inches. I multiplied my gauge by my foot circumference (8*8.5 = 68 stitches) but I wanted the sock to fit snugly so I subtracted about 10% of the stitches, rounded down, and made a 60 stitch sock. It fits great – I like the 10% negative ease rule of thumb. I should modify that to say the foot fits great, and I got a little carried away with making my ribbing tight. The cuff is a bit tight right above the heel (I should have ripped it out more) but I can put the socks on and I figure they’ll stretch a bit.

the details: Figure 8 cast on 24 stitches, increase at the sides (4 stitches every other round) until 60 stitches total. Knit in the round until length is 1.5 inches shorter than foot. Place waste yarn for heel stitches on 36 stitches centered in the middle of the foot. Knit the cuff in 2×2 rib from ~1″ after the heel until yarn is almost gone, finish the heels, be happy!


One response to “all finished – honeymoon socks part iii

  1. These look great! Love the colors and the long ribbing on the ankle! 🙂

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