new jaeger trinity sweater

I think it’s happening again, I think I’m falling in love with a sweater pattern. I’m not sure how making a sweater for myself will integrate with my holiday knitting plans but maybe I’ll knit quickly. Making my first sweater took 12 months and I was monogamous with knitting projects then. That sweater was really my re-entry into knitting and reminded me how hooked I was on fiber arts. After the sweater I made some socks and hats and scarves because the thought of taking another year to make a single item seemed wasteful. I think I knit more quickly now 🙂

It started when I looked through my slim pile of knitting magazines and found the Jaeger handknit booklet (JB15) with designs by Martin Storey that I used to make my first sweater. Then I read that Jaeger yarns were being discontinued and were therefore 1) probably on sale and 2) not going to be around later. I thought that for my second sweater, it might be nice to use the pattern recommended yarn and gauge. I found the perfect sweater – it’s a pullover so gaping at the button band won’t be a problem, and it has beautifully intricate cables that are probably a bit advanced for me but I look forward to the challenge – I’m going to try and skip the cable needle on this one.

I just adore the celtic knot appearance of the cables next to the simple stockinette of the rest of the sweater.

I eventually found yarn on sale online and bought an entire 10 x 50gram pack which should be enough for my pullover and a tank – too bad I’m not making a cardigan twinset 😉 I’ve seen a few complaints about the Jaeger Trinity yarn stretching out with wear and not shrinking back to it’s original shape. It’s 40% silk, 35% cotton, and 25% polyamide. I think I might make a large gauge swatch – maybe to practice the cable pattern and wash it a few times before measuring. My guess is that I should make the sweater with slight negative ease (5-10%?) so that when it stretches it isn’t too large.

I bought the ‘water’ colorway – it’s a pale grey with a slight hint of blue. I think the cables will show up nicely. I didn’t want to make a white cable sweater because when I wear white, it’s a magnet for tomato and chocolate stains. The pattern is called “Salt Lake” and I think I might modify it to knit in the round. I don’t mind seaming but I don’t know why I’d make two separate pieces for the back and front when I could make it seamless on my 26″ circular needles and try it on as I go. Then I won’t have as much finishing work either! I could even make the sleeves on double points or 16″ circulars although I think I only have 6″ double points in the correct size and that might be more of a challenge than avoiding a seam is worth.



The yarn almost feels like a suede to me but my fingers are rough from mountain biking and gardening and dishes. Has anyone knit with this Jaeger Trinity before – how does it hold up?


6 responses to “new jaeger trinity sweater

  1. It looks beautiful, I’ve never knit with that yarn, but I’ll be interested to hear what you discover. It looks so soft and warm, bring on fall!

  2. I just cast on today in Trinity. I’m not liking it too much, hence the reason to seach blogland for opinions on it myself! Maybe it’s the Brittany Birches, I might switch to metal. I love that sweater you’ve chosen, Eunny Jang has made a very similar one & it’s stunning.

  3. I started a Cleckheaton DK ribbed v-neck sweater pattern with Trinity and I am not thrilled with the way it knits.I’ve read that it feels great to wear what you knit with it so I will get back to you whenever I finish this project.Maybe in 2010. 😉

  4. Beautiful sweater! I’m fairly new to knitting and love the celtic knot patterns. Do you sell this pattern? I’m also looking for one for my husband. Suggestions? Thanks so much!!

  5. Hi, I wondered how it has knitted up and worn – i am about to start a pattern in this wool. I love the feel of it and didnt find knitting it too bad (tension square). How did your project go?

    • I really didn’t enjoy the Jaeger Trinity and haven’t made any projects with it. Everything I’ve read suggests that stretching out is a problem for sweaters/jumpers from this yarn.

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