cabled sweater – part 2

Swatching has commenced on my cabled Jaeger Trinity sweater. The cotton/silk blend is super soft but a little bit irregular – it took a few rows to get even stitches and I might even go down a needle size to get gauge and improve the fabric – I’m a bit worried about the finished sweater stretching out of shape. Are there any tricks to knitting well-fitting garments from plant fibers? I think plant fiber tricks would work well with the cotton/silk blend also.


I do love the cables – I’ve been using the ‘sans cable needle’ method I learned from Grumperina’s tutorial. I found a picture of the first cabling I ever did – I was in college, my entire dorm was making garter stitch scarves, and I picked out the most complicated cable I could find in my sister’s Reader’s Digest book and commenced knitting my ‘scarf’. Like with many things I’d started knitting, I quickly realized the edges were going to roll, I didn’t have enough yarn to finish, and I was bored especially since I was making it just to counteract the vast quantities of garter stitch in my dorm. So I folded it up into a bag, crocheted it all together, and never got around to lining it – the fabric is so floppy I’d really like the security of a zipper.

IMG_3369 IMG_3370

The color is truer in the left picture of the entire bag but I wanted to show the cable detail as well. I remember manipulating those stitches with a slippery dpn I called ‘cable needle’. Those were the days before I bought knitting needles and vast quantities of yarn – I would just raid my mother’s single ziplock bag of knitting supplies and pick from the 1 or 2 available 14″ straight needles and her 1 set of dpns. I think she must have bought the needles around the same time she bought yarn to make me a sweater – I’m just finally using that yarn now to make the ‘vintage licorice twist shrug’. I was going to make a sweater but as you might imagine, I’m a bit larger now than when I was five and there just isn’t that much yarn since it’s a heavy worsted weight.



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