if you’re going to steal it, please just eat it

I don’t keep yarn outside so I don’t have to worry about yarn stealing squirrels. I have another problem.


My tomatoes. Mr. T bought me a lot of tomato plants for my birthday. We thought a bunch would die since we’d never tried growing tomatoes before and had no idea what sort of soil we have at the new house. Well, I almost killed a bunch but it seems the worse that happened was a temporary stunting of growth – they all have green tomatoes. They are yummy, especially because we’re growing them ourselves (with a little help watering from friends and family while we were biking through the Fingerlakes).

The squirrels like them too. We have 5-10 squirrels nearby and they are fearless. They have no predators here and apparently started liking tomatoes. Except they don’t actually like tomatoes, they like to pull them off the plant, eat a bite or two and drop the ruined fruit on the ground. It’s so sad to come home from work and see broken tomatoes lying in the driveway. We know it’s the squirrels because they stole a tomato while we were eating dinner near the grill.

Tonight I made salsa in my food processor from tomatoes – we rescued a bunch and let them ripen on the windowsill. But fried tomatoes (red and green) are yummy too and I happen to have a picture 😉


I’m almost ready to start the border on the vintage licorice twist shrug, and I’ve nearly finished with the grassy snow brioche scarf – hopefully I haven’t made it too long already.


One response to “if you’re going to steal it, please just eat it

  1. Oh, those squirrels! I’m currently testing the theory that if I leave a few of the half eaten ones on the plants the squirrels will spare some of the others.
    You could try putting the green tomatoes to ripen between sheets of neewspaper oor in a paper bag. Not sure why that works but it does.

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