Last weekend was a whirlwind of activities – I’m actually pretty surprised that it is nearly this weekend. I watched my parents dog, maia, for the entire week while they were visiting my grandparents. We picked her out before my brother was born and she had 4 litters of puppies when I was younger – she’s 16 or so now and has outlived her life expectancy a couple times. She had to stay in the bathroom while I was at work but it must not have been so bad because she choose to take her naps in there even when I was home. She got my brother’s lion king comforter as a hand-me-down.

My parents got home Saturday and the dog went back to their house while Mr. T and I went to Buffalo for his Aunt and Uncle’s 50th wedding anniversary. We left the camera home but the food was delicious, the fire station hall was magnificent, and I found the chocolate favors last night so we ate them all up. I still had a chocolate craving tonight so I got into the semi-sweet bakers chocolate – I knew there was a reason I kept that around.

Sunday morning I got up early to watch part of the Rochester marathon – my friend was running and I wanted to cheer her on. Then I picked my jet lagged mother up and headed down to Hemlock Lake for the Fingerlakes fiber festival. I worked on the giant sock at the Rochester knitting guild table for a while and then we went shopping. I didn’t get any pictures of the sock (too busy knitting ;-)) but here is a link to Helen’s sock entry.

I managed to mostly restrain myself even though there was so much beautiful yarn everywhere. I got some buttons for my and eventually my sister’s shrugs:

They are handmade by Diane Edwards and she also hand-dyes yarn. My mom was a bit worried about the glass but Diane said that if they ever break, I can send it back to her and she’ll replace it. I think it will be the perfect fastener for my licorice twist shrug.

I didn’t intend to buy any random skeins of yarn – I was hunting for a fair isle hat starter kit but didn’t see one anywhere. I was drooling over sock yarn but kept reminding myself of the 4 skeins I had at home. I also made a rule that mom and I would walk around everywhere first without buying anything – if we wanted something badly enough we could remember which vendor had it and return. We ended up returning to Steam Valley Fiber Farm – I had pet one of their silk/merino hand dyed skeins for a full 10 minutes already. It was a worsted weight single ply with the look of raw silk and I kept coming back to the same colorway. It is a blend of purples with some turquoise thrown in for contrast – this might be why I love the colors so much. I’m squishing it right now and it almost feels like suede.

It’s sitting next to my computer begging for a worthy project. I want to do something with cables because they are one of my current obsessions but I don’t want to obscure the beautiful variegated colors.

This coming weekend promises to be almost as crazy – we’re winetouring on Keuka Lake with Mr. T’s family for his sister’s birthday celebration all day Saturday. I bet I can knit in the car 🙂 Sunday we’re heading to Ithaca for the first cyclocross race of the season – I hope I don’t fall off my bike too many times – it’s embarrassing.


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