nesting and tomatoes

Last weekend, I got ready for fall which is coming slowly in upstate New York. I didn’t have a bike race Sunday so the original plan was to go on a long (3+ hour) road ride. It was cold in the morning so Mr. T and I wanted to wait for the sun and some warmth….then we became somewhat lazy.

Instead of exercising to the point of exhaustion, he mowed the lawn and cut wood to fit into our stove, and I cleaned the kitchen, decorated, and made some yummy treats. It’s so nice to be able to change plans on a whim and make the house cozy.

Can you tell which ones are real and which are wax candles?

The tomato plants are doing well and there is so much fruit that the squirrels can’t keep up.

It probably helps that I pick the tomatoes as soon as they are large and start to change color and let them ripen on my windowsill. It still makes me sad to see all the squirrel scratches but I cut those off.
And here is the biggest mystery of all:

This plum tomato plant provided us with many yummy tomatoes in August and then shriveled up and looked dead. It has however come back to life and is even flowering again – I’m not sure what’s going to happen when it finally gets cold.

and here are some yummy cupcakes I decorated in my clean kitchen – the decorations are a surprise but maybe I’ll show them later 😉


One response to “nesting and tomatoes

  1. What a wonderful Fall we are having! Your post looks and sounds like it was written in late August or early September. So much light!

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