so long and thanks for all the fish….

Just kidding! I am a Douglas Adams fan though 😉

I’ve been thinking about why I blog and why someone would read anything I write. I realized that my goal is to provide information about knitting techniques and patterns that I find useful in my knitting and hope others will find useful in theirs. When I started this blog, I thought of a catchy name (stringtheory), found it unavailable :-(, and went with my current blog name. Since then, I’ve discovered that there is another knitting blog with a similar name ( that has been around longer than me.

I’d like to have a unique name that is strongly associated with my writing, knitting, and patterns so after some thought and research (thanks google!) I found a new name that 1) I like, and 2) doesn’t appear to be in use or identified with another blogger or entity.

I’m going to try and focus on making the new blog a repository for information I find useful in my quest for intuitive patterns and useful knitted objects including patterns and reviews of books, yarns, and needles. I hope the new content will be useful to you and others, so please enjoy!

Thanks to everyone that visits me here and please hop over to my new blog, (If you read my blog through Bloglines, GoogleReader, or another feed aggregator, don’t forget to update the address!)


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