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the rock wall

When we moved in, our backyard fence had a hole making our yard continuous with the parking lot of some small businesses. Mr. T took a bunch of the rocks that were lying around the yard, piled them behind the garage, and made a rock wall.IMG_3518 IMG_3517

Although the rock wall was very pretty, I was still a bit concerned about strangers wandering into our yard from the commercial district. Mr. T went to home depot with his dad and fixed the fence!


I’ve been knitting some (finished some top down mittens in the grape koolaid colorway) but I haven’t taken many pictures because I can’t find the camera. Here’s a picture I took a while back of the first thing I knit in college (it inspired the koigu sweater).


A huge group was knitting in the tv lounge in my dorm and while I mostly crocheted or made macrame bracelets in college, I knew I could knit too. I don’t think I’d touched knitting needles since elementary school except briefly in high school when I tried to knit a sweater – I made about 1/3 of the back before giving up which is good because there is no way I had enough yarn for a sweater. Anyway, everyone was making super oversized garter stitch scarves from acrylic yarn and when I went home for winter break, I skimmed through my sister’s copy of the reader’s digest needlework book and found this awesome cable pattern. I was going to make it a scarf but a) the edges curled b) I got bored and c) there wasn’t enough yarn for a scarf. And yes, I’m pretty sure the yarn was acrylic but I found it in my stash and it was actually soft.


Bloomfield Biking

I enjoy reading lots of other blogs and am sad when I click over for my daily fix and find nothing new. Of course, now that I have my own blog, I am faced with the sad reality that I post maybe 3 times a week and mostly on weekends. I’m going to try and post at least every other day as long as I have something worthwhile to say or show.

The beautiful weather continued today. It was gorgeously sunny, high in the 70s and I was happy to be outside at a bike race. It wasn’t all that much of a race for me but I got an excellent, hilly training ride. I’m happy I had nearly equal splits on the 3 laps (11.? miles each) which makes me feel better about my fitness level and will certainly help in my summer solo race.

On a completely unrelated topic, as I am cleaning and organizing in preparation for the coming-too-soon move, I find lots of interesting things. Here is a beret I crocheted from australian tapestry wool scraps my mom brought me sometime in high school. I think this was the third attempt. I can’t remember what was wrong with the first attempt but the second had some serious ruffling and probably 10x too many stitches by the time I got to the edge. This one was ‘just right’ and I wore it frequently when I dressed up in high school. I was convinced it looked sophisticated. I no longer like the look of the holey joins (barely visible towards the top of the picture) but I guess I did it then to keep track of where the round started (stitch markers…what were markers?). Besides a single book, I was a largely self-taught crocheter which meant my projects often lacked polishing.
foliage beret
somewhere, I have a matching belt.