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merry christmas :-)

It has been absolutely crazy since Thanksgiving. A few weeks ago, we got our tree on a snowy Sunday.

I decorated

while Mr. T hung lights. I helped hold the ladder for the higher up ones – it was freezing that day!

Last weekend I decorated sugar cookies with my friend. I’d never frosted a cookie before and certainly not with colors and fancy designs!


nesting and tomatoes

Last weekend, I got ready for fall which is coming slowly in upstate New York. I didn’t have a bike race Sunday so the original plan was to go on a long (3+ hour) road ride. It was cold in the morning so Mr. T and I wanted to wait for the sun and some warmth….then we became somewhat lazy.

Instead of exercising to the point of exhaustion, he mowed the lawn and cut wood to fit into our stove, and I cleaned the kitchen, decorated, and made some yummy treats. It’s so nice to be able to change plans on a whim and make the house cozy.

Can you tell which ones are real and which are wax candles?

The tomato plants are doing well and there is so much fruit that the squirrels can’t keep up.

It probably helps that I pick the tomatoes as soon as they are large and start to change color and let them ripen on my windowsill. It still makes me sad to see all the squirrel scratches but I cut those off.
And here is the biggest mystery of all:

This plum tomato plant provided us with many yummy tomatoes in August and then shriveled up and looked dead. It has however come back to life and is even flowering again – I’m not sure what’s going to happen when it finally gets cold.

and here are some yummy cupcakes I decorated in my clean kitchen – the decorations are a surprise but maybe I’ll show them later 😉

why I hate the squirrels

tomatoes are too good to waste 😦

if you’re going to steal it, please just eat it

I don’t keep yarn outside so I don’t have to worry about yarn stealing squirrels. I have another problem.


My tomatoes. Mr. T bought me a lot of tomato plants for my birthday. We thought a bunch would die since we’d never tried growing tomatoes before and had no idea what sort of soil we have at the new house. Well, I almost killed a bunch but it seems the worse that happened was a temporary stunting of growth – they all have green tomatoes. They are yummy, especially because we’re growing them ourselves (with a little help watering from friends and family while we were biking through the Fingerlakes).

The squirrels like them too. We have 5-10 squirrels nearby and they are fearless. They have no predators here and apparently started liking tomatoes. Except they don’t actually like tomatoes, they like to pull them off the plant, eat a bite or two and drop the ruined fruit on the ground. It’s so sad to come home from work and see broken tomatoes lying in the driveway. We know it’s the squirrels because they stole a tomato while we were eating dinner near the grill.

Tonight I made salsa in my food processor from tomatoes – we rescued a bunch and let them ripen on the windowsill. But fried tomatoes (red and green) are yummy too and I happen to have a picture 😉


I’m almost ready to start the border on the vintage licorice twist shrug, and I’ve nearly finished with the grassy snow brioche scarf – hopefully I haven’t made it too long already.

first barbecue of spring

mmmm. it’s almost warm enough to eat dinner on the porch and definitely warm enough to barbecue. the boy and I stopped by wegman’s after work and picked up some charcoal, meat, and beer. it probably cost as much as eating out but we have lunch food, fresh milk and 15 leftover beers in the fridge.

IMG_3181 IMG_3184

while we waited for the charcoal to get warm we enjoyed some saranac spring beer:

(look for the bubbles in the pint glass)

IMG_3186 IMG_3187

And then dinner was ready. I’m so excited it’s finally spring. We spend all summer grilling and rarely turn the stove or oven on. Then every fall, I have to learn to cook inside all over again.