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Thanks to Annie

Annie had a book giveaway last week because she’s moving. I requested and received “Lavish Lace: Knitting with Hand-Painted Yarns”.
Lavish Lace
It is a very pretty book with a couple projects I’d consider making:

Falling Leaves:Lavish Lace Falling Leaves

Parrot House:Lavish Lace Parrot House

Rosebuds and Climbing Roses:Lavish Lace Rosebuds and Climbing Roses

Since I too have the luxury of moving in a couple weeks, I’m thankful that it’s a thin, lightweight book. Since I spent the daylight outside or socializing or eating, I had to take pictures with bad artificial light. The pages are shiny so I had to fight glare but I found that getting off to the side of the light and playing around with the position of the book and camera turned out some okay pictures.


Print o the Waves ‘swatch’

So after making branching out (which I didn’t finish 4 days ago, I really finished a month ago) as practice, I decided to get started on Print o the Waves by Eunny Jang. Part of the reason I chose this pattern is that it’s pretty, it’s free, the rectangle shape didn’t look as hard as triangles, and the downloadable pdf was quite well written. For me, a well-written pattern means that I can understand what the directions mean the first or second time I read it versus re-reading pattern notes 16 times before they start to make any sense.

I was scared of starting straight off with the full-scale pattern. I like not having mistakes, but I hate ripping and ripping and ripping to get there. A gauge swatch was the answer.
I decided to make a ‘mini’ shawl with 1 repeat of chart A, the center graft and full edging. Ironically, I started all this just as the Addi lace needles were announced. That might be why I instantly convinced myself that normal Addi’s weren’t sharp enough. I was out of town and started calling yarn shops but no one had the needles (or had even heard of them – yay for internet!). I finally gave up and decided to just use the needles I had because lots of other people have made it work. I hated all the k3tog though because I couldn’t grab the loops properly. I ended up making the entire body on my size 3 normal addi’s, I used a 16″ crystal palace for the edging along with a dpn when necessary. The crystal palace bamboo 16″ needles had a sharp tip but their join is metal and snags all the time.
unblocked (at night): IMG_3118
Eventually, I ordered the addi lace needles from littleknits and got them halfway through the border. They are so much better! I love the sharp tips, I love the join (stitches slide without me forcing them), and the cord. I would love this cord on all my addi’s. Sadly, I have a lot of addi’s with the old stiffer cord. But the new pink cord rocks. I just tried to take a picture of all the needles I used lined up against eachother but it’s dark and I just couldn’t get a picture that actually shows the new addis are sharper besides the fact that somehow the camera and my computer no longer get along even though I downloaded the rest of the pictures 20 minutes ago.

Now for the details:

pattern: Eunny Jang’s print o the waves stole. There is a mistake in the edging on Chart B. I thought it was just me forever but when I noticed I had the wrong number of stitches in the same rows repeat after repeat I finally started searching for errata (rows 9, 11, 13, 15 need a k2tog as the penultimate stitch)

yarn: knitpicks alpaca cloud in iris heather (~< 1/2 hank but I don’t have a scale)

needles: a variety of 3.25mm (US3) see above

size: smaller than a piece of paper before blocking, bigger than a piece of paper after blocking

I used the invisible figure 8 cast-on described here to get the 32 stitches necessary for a single repeat of Chart A and did 3 vertical repeats. Then I wanted to make the matching half but I didn’t have scrap yarn with me so I used the lace cast on (scroll down from the figure 8 ) ; it was stiffer and more obvious from the beginning but after blocking I can barely tell which end had which cast-on.

pinned out for blocking: IMG_3135

I grafted the pieces together and found out that yanking the yarn tight is BAD! Very bad because I couldn’t adjust the tension after the fact easily and I have small ridges in sections. I just picked up stitches as they came for the edging which is why my waves don’t line up to the corners. Oh well, this was just practice.


I can’t wait to start the real shawl. My ‘swatch’ is big enough for a placemat (but I can’t bear the thought of food contaminating my lace) or maybe a pillow. I just have to get brave enough to cut the loose threads and sew the lace to a fabric backing.