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I finished my Monkey socks

I finished the monkey socks, they are different sizes (even though I used the same needles, yarn, and number of stitches), and I love them both. I think I must have been extra relaxed when I knit the first one (right leg) because it is quite loose – the second one (left leg) tightened up a lot and the yarn looks completely different between the two. I was proud of myself for weaving in the ends so I didn’t bother blocking them before I put them on. Will the lace pattern look different blocked?

needles: size 0 (2mm)
yarn: knitpicks memories

I baked some cupcakes last week – can you guess what these are meant to be?

Tobey might finally be starting to trust us – he had a bit of separation anxiety when we left for work last week. Today, he happily slept on our bed with his head on the pillow. We took him to Mr T’s parents over the weekend to play with Brandy (the golden retriever). They are too cute.

Brandy likes to pull on her leash – makes it a chore to walk her so they got a gentle leader. This is the first time she wore it and she asked Tobey to help her get it off!

They fought over the toy until they passed out.



We got a dog today. It was raining in the morning so we skipped biking and running and went to Lollypop farm, the biggest local animal shelter. We were there last Saturday in the afternoon but all the good dogs were already gone so we made sure to get there a bit earlier today. We played with a few active and energetic dogs but brought Tobey home. He’s 2 years old, housebroken, leash trained, very polite, and calm enough to listen to commands. We’ve already taken him on two walks and he’s sleeping on the floor at Mr. T’s feet. I think he’ll just sleep at my feet when I’m knitting 🙂 This is good because I have at least 6 Christmas gifts to make and my sister is getting a sweater. I think mine took a month but it fits her and I already have pattern notes with stitch counts. It should be quick and easy like a second sock right?

Speaking of second socks…I’ve turned the heel on the second monkey sock and I don’t think I’ll be able to start the Christmas gifts I’ve already planned until it’s finished.

all finished – honeymoon socks part iii

I just found the podcast ‘stash and burn‘ and I’ve listened to the first 10 or so episodes. Listening to Nicole and Jenny is definitely motivating me to work on my own stash – especially the part I bought in the last 2 months. The yarn for these socks has been around for a year and a half and wound in balls for over a year so I’m glad I finally got it into a project!

The honeymoon socks are all finished! It was about 2 weeks including the substantial cuff and heel reknits; I was pretty lucky in that I only made 3 cuffs and 3 heels for 2 socks. I started both socks at the orange stripe so they match 🙂 I didn’t think it would be as easy as starting with the same color but the Lana Grossa stripes are very consistent. I used the afterthought Turkish Heel described in Lucy Neatby’s Warm Socks Cool Feet. To make the heels match, I made sure to set in the waste yarn for the heel in the middle of a maroon stripe (it was the right length for my foot) and then I used maroon yarn to start the heel later. I think using the same, solid color helps disguise the afterthought part of the heel and it made it tons easier to weave in ends and close up the gap in the corners of the heel.


This is my third pair of socks and the first that fits snugly. It is also the first time I finished both socks as fast as possible – I previously went 6 months or so working on first sock and a week or two working on the second. I still can’t believe I finished these in the heat of summer – I blame the stripes for always convincing me to knit a little more.

I finished these Thursday evening and it was dark so as soon as I woke up Friday morning, I went outside to take these shots. It was already 75 degrees or so when I tugged the socks on 😉 I would have loved to wear them all day but that will have to wait until fall when the leaves match the socks.


yarn: Lana Grossa Meilenweit Fantasy color 4730
needles: size 0 (2mm) bamboo dpns, 6″
gauge: 8 stitches, 12 rows per inch. my foot measures 8.5 inches. I multiplied my gauge by my foot circumference (8*8.5 = 68 stitches) but I wanted the sock to fit snugly so I subtracted about 10% of the stitches, rounded down, and made a 60 stitch sock. It fits great – I like the 10% negative ease rule of thumb. I should modify that to say the foot fits great, and I got a little carried away with making my ribbing tight. The cuff is a bit tight right above the heel (I should have ripped it out more) but I can put the socks on and I figure they’ll stretch a bit.

the details: Figure 8 cast on 24 stitches, increase at the sides (4 stitches every other round) until 60 stitches total. Knit in the round until length is 1.5 inches shorter than foot. Place waste yarn for heel stitches on 36 stitches centered in the middle of the foot. Knit the cuff in 2×2 rib from ~1″ after the heel until yarn is almost gone, finish the heels, be happy!


I am *almost* finished with the honeymoon bicycle tour socks. I will never wear them on my honeymoon (it is finished) and I would never wear them on a bicycle tour (synthetics rule!) but I started them as a small, pretty mindless project for my honeymoon that I could carry on the bike.

I just realized that the stash yarn I chose was one I’d bought at Adirondack Yarns with Mr. T during my first trip to the Adirondacks. I’ve been back a few times since, even gone to the yarn store but I didn’t buy anything. Until two days before our wedding. We were having a quiet cup of coffee in the coffeeshop adjoining the yarn store when I was making the gauge swatch for my socks. I realized that the sturdy 2.75mm knitpicks sock needles I’d brought were not giving me an appropriate sock gauge with this yarn….Hmmm. I need needles to make something with stash yarn and I can buy things on vacation, right?…At least I was in a knitting shop and not in some isolated bed and breakfast in the middle of nowhere at the top of the steepest, most evilest hill ever. Lucky for me, they had some lovely 6″ bamboo dpns in size 0 (2mm) which figured had to be the right size if it was the smallest they made 😉

I’m glad I didn’t poke myself in the eye or snap a few on the trip. Every day when I finished knitting, I carefully wound the needles inside the sock which I protected inside the folded pattern to go in my purse. Then I’d carefully zip the purse without getting yarn stuck in the zipper (at least most days I wouldn’t get yarn stuck in the zipper) and shove my purse into the top of the side bag. Somehow two sets of bike clothes and two sets of regular clothes didn’t take up that much room but all the energy drink powder and bars and med kit and shampoo and hairbrush and asthma medicine filled my bag pretty well. So the purse (with the knitting) got shoved into the top of the bag but the needles never broke.  And one sock is finished (after some substantial reknitting) and the other will be finished when I get a chance to reknit the pathetically small heel. I think I was trying to make my socks ‘good’ by making them tight so I yanked on the yarn at every opportunity – big surprise they didn’t fit over my heel. I have to say though that I like having the ribbing tight enough to stay on my leg. Anyway, pictures soon when they’re both done.

Sock yarn for socks and a scarf

The honeymoon socks are progressing nicely although I haven’t been knitting nearly as much since I got home and have laundry, a new dishwasher thanks to my grandparents, and full-time internet access. I might have watched a few episodes of 24 while I was at it 😉 I dug around inside the ball of remaining yarn for each sock and *think* I can do one more complete stripe repeat for each sock ankle – I have another orange stripe in each ball and I should have enough after that to finish the heel on the second sock. You can probably see in the picture below on the right that I’ve made the first heel and left it on waste yarn; this is because it doesn’t really fit. I followed the turkish heel directions in Lucy Neatby’s book but the heel is very small and I didn’t think I had overly large heels. I decided that I should make the second heel a little bigger and try it on before I start ripping things apart.

Can anyone guess what sort of plant is posing with my socks? My sister grew it from the seed of something we like to eat following directions she found on the internet.

yarn: Lana Grossa sock yarn in color 4730 that I bought in Lake Placid the first time Tom took me there (Adirondack yarns used to have a webpage that I wanted to link to but it seems to have been taken over by ‘parkers’. This yarn shop is fabulous if your significant other doesn’t love to browse fiber for hours because it’s attached to a coffeeshop with free wireless!)

needles: size 0 (2mm) bamboo needles I picked up in the same Lake Placid yarn shop 2 days before the wedding because the knitpicks 2.75mm needles gave me a whopping 6 stitches per inch and I really wanted needles for a tight gauge before my honeymoon. The 2mm needles gave me 8 stitches and 12 rows per inch so I cast on a 60 stitch sock to fit my 8 1/2 inch ankle/foot and it fits!

pattern: figure 8 cast-on, stockinette, turkish heel, 2×2 ribbing for ankle.

I finished Mr. T’s scarf just before we got married – it helped a ton with all the pre-wedding stress and I could do it while watching episodes of 24! I think I grafted the cast-off and wove in the ends sitting next to the lake with relatives 2 days before we got married.

Yarn: Knitpicks Memories in Yukon, ~2.5 balls which I got in their fabulous sale. You might wonder about the sanity of someone making a man’s scarf from fingering weight yarn but it is very soft, has alluring colors, and drapes well. It also knit up very quickly!

Needles: Size 6 (4mm) addi Turbo circulars

Dimensions: 6 3/4 inches wide and 68 inches long when unstretched – it wraps around Mr. T’s neck once, the ends hang to his waist on the same side

Pattern: Fluffbuff’s tubular cast on for 35? stitches – never wrote it down and counting doesn’t seem accurate. Then I switched to the brioche stitch which is pretty simple, less mindless than stockinette, doesn’t roll, and is reversible. The reversible of course is key for scarves and this stitch fluffs out the sock weight yarn and makes the scarf seem thicker – I’m hoping it traps more warm air around Mr. T’s neck next January.

I used what I think is the simple brioche stitch:

first row (setup): YO, slip 1 purlwise, knit 1

every row: YO, slip 1 purlwise, knit 2 together (the slipped and YO of the previous row)

socks and patterning

My first socks were an adventure with magic loop and self-patterning yarn:
first socks
the beginners pattern I got from my LYS didn’t have many sizing options (I think the choices were ‘womans’ or ‘mans’) and so I got started with 8″ dpns which I hated and then magic loop (which gave me horrible laddering). They are a bit loose around the ankle but quite comfortable around the house.

My second pair of socks was for Mr. T and I don’t have a picture handy but they are forest green and I used Lucy Neatby’s Simply Splendid sock pattern. Ironically, the ankle is tighter on his socks than on mine (and I had more stitches on his) which I suppose is a sign that my sock making skills were improving.

I haven’t made socks in 6 months or so because hats were easier to give away for Christmas. However, since I’m supposed to be working on my print o the waves, I’m suddenly motivated to plan and start other projects. (I do have my stole cast on and 4 repeats done.)

I have a few balls of sock yarn already rolled up and split into equal balls of ~50 grams each (I used a precision balance I wish I owned). I think I’m going to use this one for mitten-gloves or hobo-gloves so I can have dexterity and warm hands next winter. It will match my calorimetry and ocean striped hat I think.

For real socks, I have a cool, bright self-patterning yarn:
I want to make Grumperina’s Jaywalkers

But I’m not sure if this yarn will look okay with the zig-zag pattern. I know that striped Jaywalker’s look great, but patterned?